Busily Going Nowhere

13 June
I'm Irish and I live in Finland - sometimes I forget why.

My life, the short version: adopted, moved about as a kid, lived in Belgium, Jamaica, Antigua, before going back to Ireland when I was 16. Boarding school in the UK. College in Cork. Worked for Apple Computers, worked for Lucent Technology, from April 2002 I was working for a Finnish telecoms company the name of which I won't reveal. Since May 2006, I am working in a very small R&D department of a very large national post office corporation. I was mainly testing in all of those jobs. And I'm proud of it.

How I spend my time: divided between working, doing too much with an english language theatre group in Helsinki, and sometimes tagging about with the Helsinki SF Mafia. Rarely, I'm involved in a large expats association.

The cast of characters:

I used to have a big list here, but it was out of date and I find fewer and fewer nicknames for the people I interact with most. It might have something to do with more people I know in Helsinki finding this blog. Maybe I just don't want to insult anybody (except Baldy English Bloke). You can pick up who I'm talking about from context, and if not, just ask.
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